Family anxiety

If someone fights anxiety,the whole family fights it too. It can be very frustrating sometimes,because they all want to help,but they don´t know how. Sometimes it escalates and that leads to more stress and more anxiety.

It can be about the last slice of cake on the plate or the last piece of salami in the fridge.Well,it`s not about that at all. It´s about desperately wanted to know that everything is fine or at least that everything is going to be fine.There´s no balance anymore and we all need balance.

I have thought a lot about coping strategies,but the truth is,it is hard. I don´t like to see my children acting like everything is normal,when it`s not. Or maybe that´s just their silent way of supporting me.

I know we all have our personal way of dealing with stress. But it breaks my heart to see them like that.

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